Reviewing Footage Offisite

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Reviewing Footage Offisite

This is a question for MV owners as I am toying with MV cameras as replacements for some aging cameras we have. 


Does anyone view their cameras both saved and live footage from another location. i.e. not on the local LAN. I want to know if I have cameras at work as there is an incident that I can review the footage from home.


Now I understand this relies on the internet connections at both ends so lets say both ends have download/upload speeds of 100Mbps.


Basically I want to know is anyone currently doing this and does it perform OK?



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Kind of a big deal

I often check my home camera from my office and it works fine. When we were still evaluating them we never had any problems worth bringing up with remote viewing. 


For the basic use case of remote viewing the MV line works as advertised. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It works fine for me.  The cameras also support adaptive bit rate streaming.


I believe (don't know this for a fact) that current camera firmware versions will automatically step down to lower quality streaming if the Internet circuit can not handle it.

Awesome thanks guys!

Kind of a big deal

@PhilipDAth I think that feature is enabled even for cloud proxy streams now. There is a high & low version of those streams on MV12's and works pretty nicely.


@BlakeRichardson I don't have any issues reviewing footage off network. It's a bit slow at times to do the cloud streaming, but once it's going it's totally fine. 

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Can even view the footage from my phone (though the controls are atrocious under those circumstances)

Kind of a big deal

The only thing I have observed is that it is best to view only a few cameras at a time max from external.  Although that may depend on the site bandwidth as you pointed out.  

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