Motion search not yielding any results even though there clearly is motion

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Motion search not yielding any results even though there clearly is motion

I've just set up a MV21 on always record and retain footage with motion. I've played around a little bit and made sure thre has been motion for both long and short periods (from 30 seconds to 10-15 minutes) at the time. Still, when I press motion search right after a motion event and draw a box where the motion was, I get nothing. When I enter a longer time span in the calender search I still don't get anything of what I've previously recorded. I can manually go back in time and view the footage and then clearly see that there was motion.


Is there a reasonable explanation for this or is the camera dashboard not functioning properly? I've tested this feature on other cameras before with the expected result. I just can't figure out why it's not working here. 


PS. The time line, when I click a certain place on it, the video doesn't jump there. Isn't clicking on the time line supposed to work?


I'm running dashboard on Google Crome 64 bit version 69.0.3497.100

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I could be wrong but I think motion search is only supported on the MV12.  Or to put it another way, I think it only works with cameras that don't have an optical zoom.

Nope, I'm wrong.  This datasheet on the MV21 and MV71 clearing mention motion search. So they must support it.

Motion Search is available on all MV cameras (MV21/MV71/MV12). Only the MV12 family contains Machine Learning (ML) for Computer Vision (CV) analytics due to the fast Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC. At this time the ML CV is used for object detection, object classification, and object tracking of people

Is there any API call to retrieve this Time Motion Events, and not just through Web or using Selnium?


Example someone pass by at today April 21st at 13:05:21 and the video bar shows the event, What API will return me something like




       {'camera1': 'Motion alert detected at - 2020-04-21 13:05:21'}



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When you say you get "nothing" - you should get a list of motion events down the bottom of the screen.  You then click on each one to view them.


You don't get this happening?

That's exactly what I mean with "nothing" 🙂 I'm expecting the list of events but there is none and the bottom right corner states that there are 0 events within the time span.
Kind of a big deal

When looking at the timeline, do you see a green bar along the top (this indicates footage is available)? 


Make sure the timeline is zoomed out enough so that your motion event is within the timeframe that's shown on the timeline. Also try doing a search of the whole view (activate motion search and then click outside of the frame - this selects the entire area for searching). 


Yes there is a green bar on the top of the time line. Like I described, I can find the footage with motion in it if I just type the exact time when it happened in the calendar search. But the problem is when I try to use motion search (yes I tried marking the whole field of view), I don't get any results. 


Like I explained in the OP, I've tested MV cameras before and I know what it looks like when I get results. I did this in the LAB when I got my CMNA. It's just that on my camera it doesn't seem to work.


I'm starting to think it's not functioning properly.

Kind of a big deal

It sounds like you're looking for a specific answer here. I suggest you open a case with Support. 

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