Meraki Webhooks takes over 2 minutes

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Meraki Webhooks takes over 2 minutes

In our tests LPR integration tests with Meraki, we are seeing that the Meraki Webhooks take over 2 minutes from the time the motion/vehicle is detected to when the Webhooks get sent.


We're leveraging this page:


Has anyone else tried using Webhooks?  What timeframes do you see?


2 minutes is a really, really, really long time to activate Webhooks.  



Kind of a big deal

Hey @BobaTeaGood,


I'm sorry to say this is well known. The Webhooks feature uses the same infrastructure as the email alerts and SNMP Trap, which is by design not meant to be immediate. All of those have anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes of delay on an event happening, and the alert being sent. If you're seeing 2 minutes you're actually seeing much better than I usually get. 

Thanks @jdsilva.  Do we know if there's a plan to fix/address this? 


I've never seen Webhooks take this long... data packets must be going up to the moon and back.  Or maybe to the sun and back.

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