Meraki Mobile App vs. Camera Only Admins

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Meraki Mobile App vs. Camera Only Admins

I have had Case 01637210 open for over 2 years concerning camera only admins access to their assigned cameras via the mobile app.  Unless the user is a full admin, the app is not usable for camera only admins.  It will just spin instead of logging in.  Does anyone else experience this?  The app has not been developed as it should, in my opinion (almost none at all), for quite some time.


Meraki...what are the plans for development of the mobile app for regular dashboard use as well as camera admin use?

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It's been my experience and from what I've seen from others, that the app has been treated like a 'I guess we could do that' type of thing. It's terrible from my usage, so I don't even bother trying to use it. I'm not sure why they still offer it since its mostly broken.

I would personally give up on trying to use it, and only use the browser to view cameras etc.
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I just have to use the browser.  There are so many things that could be added to the app that could make it robust and usable for better network administration.  Hopefully someone from Meraki will respond with a road map.

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To the best of my knowledge Merak has never responded with roadmap content in the Community. I would very strongly suggest you work through your sales/account team to ensure you're heard, and receive the sort of response you're looking for. 

Thanks.  I have mentioned this on more than one occasion to those representatives.

I haven't tried it - what is the mobile version of the dashboard web site like to use on mobile devices?

@BrothersTM The app hasn't been updated in some time, this is probably a bug that just needs to be fixed. As for the development of the app including bug fixes that sits squarely with Meraki and they keep their cards close to their chests when it comes to whats being worked on. 

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@PhilipDAth wrote:

I haven't tried it - what is the mobile version of the dashboard web site like to use on mobile devices?

It's pretty much just the regular dashboard website. It works well. Although on the smaller screen it can be a bit hard to use. It's fine when you need to quickly fix something.

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The unfortunate issue with using the browser to monitor the MV is that it logs you out after a while 

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On a WiFi iPad I find it best to use the regular website version of the dashboard.


On the iPhone I find it best to use the iOS app. However, this app is only good for a single-camera (camera by camera) view. I have a user that likes the simplicity. Personally, I wish it had more features (2-4 cameras at once). Also, the iOS app is only live view; no search/history.


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Just a note to say the app has been updated today with some bug fixes. 


Worth checking on any issues you had before

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