MV32 an stream via cloud

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MV32 an stream via cloud

Hello everybody,
We recently started using the MV32 cameras "5 in one network". Unfortunately we don't get any images streamed via the cloud.
Do you have an idea ?

Greetings Alex

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Kind of a big deal

So when in the local network you can see the video stream, when outside you cant? Or are you talking about cloud archive?


Have a look at the Firewall Info page and make sure the rules mentioned are open.



Hi BrechtSchamp,
in short, this only occurs with the MV32 cameras and not with our 52 MV12.
The images can be seen locally but not via the dashboard.
--> "Cloud stream not available" Assign cloud archive license is not used.

Firewall rules are all stored, or are separate settings required for the MV32?


I'm not sure if the firewall rules are different for the MV32 series. Unfortunately the Firewall Info page doesn't provide that level of detail. Perhaps you can whitelist the MV's IP address temporarily in the firewall, just to make sure.


Apart from that I was wondering. Have you tried multiple clients, client types (laptop, phone, tablet, ios, android), browsers? Just to make sure that the problem is not client-specific.

The following browsers have been tested;

Mozilla, Chrome, Safari .... IOS / I-Mac and Windows
I will have the firewall settings checked again and will let you know



Thanks again

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Make sure the cameras are running a V4.x firmware.


The only other time I have seen them get broken was related to DNS servers.  Just for the hell of it, when trying to do cloud stream from outside the network, try hard coding your machine to use Google's and see if that fixes it.

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