MV21 - build quality issue?

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MV21 - build quality issue?

I have an issue with one of the MV21 unit that abruptly hangs around (luckily the LAN cable can hold it) It could cause safety. Now I'm worried about the other units' durability, in one of the pictures the plastic cover feels so soft like "shrimp crisp". 


What I expect for the Meraki MV unit is the unit dies first because of lifespan, instead of the casing broken down in the first place.










































Talked to Meraki support, and it is out of warranty and there is nothing they help with on this. Talked to my local distributor, and the lead time for the new MV unit is very long (I have placed an order for 3 MV22 in March, and expect units to only arrived by mid of September 2022).


The MV21 unit is still working nice, would be good if I can get the replacement for the plastic mount only.

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Odd. How old is the camera? I see it's indoors. Is the AC vent hitting it? High humidity or extreme dryness?


Could you create a base on TinkerCad and order it 3D printed?


Could you post a pic with the full base removed (since it's already broken)? Is there a way to do a custom attachment using the screws in the camera hardware itself?

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The position was indoor on the ceiling and office area so I can't tell but no AC vent directly hitting the unit.


I am not sure about customised housing. But it seems possible because there are screw holes on the inside camera unit that are used to lock the plastic mount.



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Kind of a big deal

I find it hard to believe that the base would just give out like that, I suspect someone has hit it with something.


What does the footage show from when it dropped? 

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It was nothing suspicious, it was a typical working day, and it abruptly got off from the mount and hung there because the LAN cable could hold it. Otherwise, it might hit someone that position underneath.


Some part of the plastic mount feels brittle. I could crack them with little force.


An aircon room may also cause the dryness of the plastic, but it would be good if someone from Meraki confirmed this.



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