MV12W won't connect to wired connection

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MV12W won't connect to wired connection

I've got a MV12W that I am setting up to be used POE not wireless, but for some reason it will not connect to our network via cat5. I've tried to reset it and it still boots up and tries to find a wireless network. Any help would be appreciated

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The best place to start would be a packet capture on the port where the MV is connected to determine if there is any traffic before connecting to wireless. You can also try swapping the cables. Please feel free to open a case with Cisco Meraki Technical support for further troubleshooting and analysis.

Kind of a big deal

Please check cable connections. There have been many times because of the way you have to bend the cable I feel like it causes an issue.

Kind of a big deal

Try taking the camera right up to the switch and use a standard patch lead to plug it in.  Note it might take 10 minutes to come online the first time because it encrypts its internal SSD.


Do you see link lights?  Is your firewall letting it talk to the cloud?


Is your switch an 802.3at PoE switch?


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