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MV web Hooks and Microsoft Teams

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MV web Hooks and Microsoft Teams

Has anyone been able to use webhooks to Microsoft Team webhook connector? We can do the alerts to teams channel via email, but a webhook would make more sense.

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Re: MV web Hooks and Microsoft Teams

I did it some tests trying to do it, but with not good results, microsoft teams allows to activate a webhooks for a channel


but seems the format incompatible with the webhook notification from meraki, then perhaps with an api gateway in the middle converting the format from meraki to the microsoft format you can do something. 


that is the format sent from meraki:


  "version": "0.1",
  "sharedSecret": "",
  "sentAt": "2019-10-23T06:57:04.975503Z",
  "organizationId": "367440",
  "organizationName": "Org.",
  "organizationUrl": "",
  "networkId": "L_6603402953631993",
  "networkName": "1_Sede",
  "networkUrl": "",
  "alertId": "",
  "alertType": "Settings changed",
  "occurredAt": "2019-10-23T06:57:04.950259Z",
  "alertData": {}


to send a message to a teams is sufficient with that values:


"@type": "MessageCard",

"text": "Prueba",



then, if you put the message from meraki to the "text" field and forward to the teams webhook url  perhaphs can work it.

is only an idea...


Meraki Employee

Re: MV web Hooks and Microsoft Teams

That's correct, as the Meraki webhook format contains data from the Meraki dashboard including information about the organization, network, device, and specific alert. The alert is not just a chat message, which is why you cannot natively ingest it into any messaging application (Webex Teams, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.), and will need a transformer/middleware, or an integration, to process it first. We do however, have a public Adventure 1.0 API lab where you can create your own Webex Teams chatbot that processes webhook alerts from your Meraki org, as well as do other things including taking snapshots from motion alerts, MQTT real-time events, and more.

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Re: MV web Hooks and Microsoft Teams

Thanks for letting us know, abit if shame that even more middle-ware is required, all it does it stack up the costs.


Will keep exploring other options.

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