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I have a request for a new install but the customer wants full quality and 9 months of storage. I see online 180 days is the max you can buy from Meraki but is there a way to automatically send the video file to another server?


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Hi @Wayner apparently meraki has released new MVs that have storage retention of 90 days , for 180 days is when you consider storage on meraki cloud archive the new MV release lets you to leverage the the third party storage such as NVR where you can use to transport video files for backup . 

find the link below if it will answer your question 



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>I have a request for a new install but the customer wants full quality and 9 months of storage


You should check on the legality of doing this in your country.  For example in my country, the privacy laws would make this illegal in most commercial scenarios.

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@Wayner as others have stated, you do have options for 90 or 180 day cloud archive options where the camera will dual-record to both the camera and the cloud, up to a max of 180 days in the cloud.  There is not a 365-day cloud archive option, I think the licenses for all that back-end storage would become too expensive for there to be a high demand for 365-day archive.  As much as we might not want to introduce an NVR into the architecture, you could potentially leverage RTSP to create your own NVR basically. 


What is the use case for retaining video (either in the cloud archive or on board the camera) for up to 9 months?  If leveraging cloud archive, and as long as you know you need to grab some video within the first 6 months, you can export whatever you need, you just need to determine that within the first 6 months for example if you have the 180-day MV_CA.


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