Floorplans for Camera-Only Admin Meraki Vision

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Floorplans for Camera-Only Admin Meraki Vision

We've been trying to get our people setup to view floorplans in the vision portal. If we assign them as Camera-only admins, they can't see floor plans. We've had to assign them as Organization admins but we'd rather not have everyone at that level.


Does anyone know a setting I'm missing to have Camera-only admins be able to view floorplans in the Vision Portal?





Kind of a big deal

Did you try with the Organization's read-only permission?

That is our current work around, yes. But I think it's causing all our people to receive Meraki support emails about our networks updates across our different sites and stuff like that. A small problem ,yes, but I figured the it could be fixed for the Camera-Only admin role.


Meraki Employee

Seems to be a limitation at the moment. And I agree it should be visible as it goes against the point of having camera admin roles. I will check with the Product Team on this.


Any news on this? We're in the same boat as well.

I've not heard an update. We've got our users as Read Only Organization Admins as a work around.

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