[New Feature] High Sampling Mode for MT14 Available on Early Access

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

[New Feature] High Sampling Mode for MT14 Available on Early Access

High sampling mode for MT14 is now available as an Early Access program on dashboard!


In this mode, MT14s can sample PM2.5 and ambient noise at faster rates, to support vape detection use cases. Specifically, PM2.5 will sample once every 1 second, and ambient noise will sample once every 5 seconds. TVOC will continue to sample once every 90 seconds, and temperature and humidity are disabled.


Note that your MT14 must be persistently powered in order to run this mode.


To enable this mode, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Organization>Early Access and toggle to the button shown below to enable access to this feature.



2. After High Sampling is enabled via Early Access, navigate to Settings on the Sensor Details page to turn on the feature.



See more in our documentation. Happy testing and please share any feedback that you have with the MT PM team (Angela: angehuan@cisco.com or Konark: konjain@cisco.com)!

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Angela1 :Thanks for the update 

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Let me know if you're able to give it a try and what thoughts you have 😀

Head in the Cloud

Is the MT14 getting to hot after enabling this setting?
I'm just curious why temperature and humidity is getting disabled here.

In order to sample PM2.5 more frequently we are running a fan in the MT14 consistently, which could introduce temperature and humidity bias. While this is something we may be able to solve for in the future, we've turned them off for now since customers with vape detection use cases do not need to know the temperature and humidity readings in their environments of interest.

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