MT14 Coverage area

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MT14 Coverage area

I'm installing the MT14 sensors for the first time.

They will be located in a manufacturing facility that has about 40 CNC machines.

Any suggestions on where to put the MT devices?

Do they need to be mounted to ceiling? If so, how high?

Or can we just mount on walls?

We have around 10K/sq ft. 

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I don't have any field expierience for that sensor, but I would put them where it matters.
You want to monitor the air quality, so you should monitor it in "breathing" locations and height. I wouldn't put it directly next to an exhaust of the CNC machine, but more to the input device of the CNC machines.


Same goes for the ventilation of the room. Don't put it next to the supply air vent. Your readings would always be good there and in reality the people are breathing "poison".


The same goes for the height. Heavy particles would stay in the lower area, so the sensor would never catch them in a height of 5 meters(or whatever the height of the facility is).

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

The install guide calls out mounting vertically/upright position. 


"NOTE - It is important to ensure that the sensor is oriented in the upright position for PM2.5 sampling to accurately collect data."


I've only seen mounting height and coverage area numbers specifically for vape detection scenarios with the MT14.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Coverage is a good question and something you might want to ask your account manager about.


My advice which obviously isn't offical would be to put it near where operators would be working rather than to close to the CNC hardware. No idea how big the CNC machines are but I suspect having 40 they are quite large. 

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