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MT12 and MV API Events

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MT12 and MV API Events

I've heard someone has developed a script or api to for when a MT20 door opens event is triggered the MV will send a pic via email or SMS. I have been unable to locate this, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Now on to my subject line, I'm looking to assist a customer who has a water sensor paired with an MV for a similar action.


Use case:

The AC units in their server room have built-in humidifiers for humidity control, despite installing water filters due to the water quality calcium deposits build up and eventually clog the drain line. This then causes the condensation to collect in the overflow pan as designed, then the float switch gets tripped and the unit(s) shut down causing a temp alarm.



Water sensor in the overflow pan, this now alerts them before the AC unit shuts down. - Handy I should put one in my attic... 


Ideal Solution:

Water sensor alerts and sends an image from the MV that is paired with.


They used a MV for the pairing due to having Traditional Cisco Wireless AP's and not wanting to add a Meraki AP into the mix.


Thank you in advance for any pointers.

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Re: MT12 and MV API Events

@r_timmons  If you simply need to know when there is water in the collector why would you want to complicate the process by getting the camera to send a picture. I can't see what this would achieve. 


The water sensor will alert you to the fact right out of the box. 

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Re: MT12 and MV API Events

Kinda odd request, but if they had to buy a camera to make the thing work, perhaps they just want to get more use from the camera and data for the alert. They also likely thought it would be ‘easy’ to do. Getting a picture to maintenance team typically makes things easier for them to more quickly identify the issue when they get onsite - at least that’s been my experience with facilities departments in general. Does seem complicated, unless it’s built-in/easy to do. 

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Re: MT12 and MV API Events

@r_timmons definitely check on the Meraki DevNet site to see what's out there.  You also might be thinking of the "Adventure Lab" that is a self-paced self-guided lab walkthrough of things like using a webhook alert to capture a snapshot from an MV camera.  So then simply configure a webhook for your water sensor to accomplish that.  Check out if that helps! 

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