MT Devices API showing firmware': 'Not running configured version'

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MT Devices API showing firmware': 'Not running configured version'

Just checking systems firmware versions since we had a recent issue were devices (Z3) were not running the firmware shown.  The only way to see the issue was via the API, so checking all our devices. Doing so just noticed that none of my MT sensors show a firmware version.   All should be running 1.4 (as shown in the console).   They are checking in and working, just showing firmware': 'Not running configured version' if you check via API.


Of course having it show "what" version its running would be a better, more meaningful piece of information, but curious if anyone else see's this issue.  Not sure if its just an API issue with sensors, or if they really did not get the last update.


Using the Python v1 to get the info:


response = dashboard.devices.getDevice(



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This API call should definitely return the firmware version if there is an active firmware running on the dashboard. I'd guess its a problem exclusive to the sensors. I know some of the API integrations with sensors are relatively new so maybe they just missed something.

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I have the same issue with an appliance running mx 16.16(?). The version is shown in the dashboard, but as "Not running configured version" using the api call dashboard.devices.getDevices or dashboard.organization.getOrganizationDevices

Getting noticed

Was out on vacation so a little slow to reply to this message.  What we discovered on the Appliances was if the version showed as Not Running configured version, it had failed to update and rolled back.  Mainly saw it on the Z3 devices, but have seen in on MX's also.   On the Z3 units they would retry every 12 hours, kicking users off, fail and come back online with the previous version.  That was corrected in 16.16.2 if I remember correctly.  No way to see the actual version running except calling support.   

I'm currently seeing it with an mx device with 17.10.4 where a warm spare is configured, but not online.

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