Add MT devices to existing Templated networks.

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Add MT devices to existing Templated networks.

Anyone have an update on when we will be able to add MT devices to existing templated networks?   Or a proven process to Unbind,  create new MT network and Combine them all back that will not impact production deployments? 


I know its sounds simple, but curious how "Add Device"  was missed in testing a new product.... 



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Meraki Employee



Thanks for reporting this issue.


At the moment, the only way to add MT sensors to an existing templated network is to unbind>add MT>rebind.


In the meantime, I've communicated this workflow with my team and we're actively discussing on making this a better experience.


Stay tuned to the thread for any updates!




Hey @JGill,


Quick follow up to this thread.


We recently rolled out a fix which now allows users to add MT sensors in an already templated network without the need to unbind a network from its template.


For reference the steps to add an MT sensor to a templated network is outlined in this KB article.


Please let me know if you have any further questions.




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