set a custom network name displayed on windows network adapter

Getting noticed

set a custom network name displayed on windows network adapter



When working with a wired connection sometimes I see that the network adapter (windows 10) changes its name according to which network it is connected to - marked in red on the picture below.



How can I create a network using the MX and broadcast a different desirable text to appear in there?

My guess is by using some DHCP option but now sure which one?




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

From memory the name is automatically populated based on SSDP and the workgroup configuration.
It's then stored in the registry under the network profile.


I'm not sure whether you can explicitly set this from the network stack alone.

Potentially using the "Domain Name" DHCP option code (15) will set this, but it will also have other effects, such as setting the default domain for name lookups etc.

Setting Custom DHCP Options - Cisco Meraki

Getting noticed

Tried option 15 but it had no effect.


Comes here often

I am looking for a solution to this as well.  Did you find one?

As far as I can tell, Windows only sets a "custom name" for wireless connections using the SSID name.  it will use "Network #" for wired connections unless you have connected to a wireless network first that uses the same Gateway MAC address and offers the same option 15 domain name...which is probably how you got your KITLV_STAFF_FREE name to show up for the wired connection instead of "Network 2".

The only other way I have found to change it is by editing the registry keys on each PC, or pushing a profile via Intune or a DC.


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