security sd - wan how to create reliable vlan? Little help needed.

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security sd - wan how to create reliable vlan? Little help needed.

hi i am new to meraki i am using , security sd - wan how to create reliable vlan?


at the moment we have only 1 normal isp provider, from which i want to have 1  vlan,

current network is  with subnet ,  and mx ip adress could someone tell me vlan parameters for that type of networks such as ip, mask,gate,etcs based on my information and are there any specific things which needs to be done, it will be done via gui.

I dont want to make some costly mistake thats why i am posting here thanks in advance.


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi @clubpashax 


Please take a read through the below documentation.  Explains the Meraki SD-WAN configurations/setups available

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I'm not an employee of Cisco/Meraki. My posts are based on Meraki best practice and what has worked for me in the field.

hi Uccert, we dont have any vpn,

we simply want to separate the traffic from 1 department,

based in our configuration,


subnet , i guess thats router ip,  meraki , mx ip

the network settings i need are  subnet , mx ip, vlan id, and thats it what things i should apply after i fill these.?

ok a diagram would help explain better what you are trying to achieve.


Your ISP should not be concerned or allocating IP space on your internal network.


An ISP would usually give you a /30 or /29 on your WAN side of things. Internal side of things, IP allocation for vlan's is usually completed by your network person (possibly you) based on hosts  / devices needed. Typically you would have multiple vlan's for security reasons, aka office traffic, management traffic etc.

A /22 is a huge broadcast domain.


You need to think of amount of devices on vlan, allow for some growth. If its a small site then a /24 (of the /22) is all thats required.









Hi basicly, after vlan is made , i will start wifi from it, and since its for 1 person only i would say 10 ip adress at max will be fine , how much will be smaller number of adresses that can be created defined by network something around 10 or the next available number,

sorry guys i am not a network engineer, thats why you are here : ) to give me a hand.

So what network settings i should write,     so far in my life i used variety of networks pppoe , static, dhcp etcs...

 but i never used or created vlans,

 and i also never used meraki so for me all this thing is kinda new and in someway complicated meraki have tons of menus,

So i really need to create this vlan - i guess wifi network will be much easier to put and start on that vlan if meraki cisco have not made it super complicated there too?


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