client side appliance?

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client side appliance?

We currently have Meraki firewalls for VPN to client software on Windows OS's. I'm wondering if anybody knows if there is a hardware appliance the users can take home and plug in to allow them to always be connected when they are home. Also to allow them for get to their home when they are in the office. 



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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

For individual users, the hardware equivalent would be the Z3 or Z3C - or possibly a small MX   (MX64?)


These are also small enough to put in a bag and take with you, if you're a frequent traveller.


You'd choose an MX if you want the extra protections offered by the Advanced Security license:

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

For sure. People typically use a Z3 or small MX for this use case. 


Form factor, port counts, wireless, PoE, etc will help you figure out which Z3 or MX is right for you.

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+1 for the Z3 appliance. We have them deployed for our remote workers and as long as you put the time into the initial template configuration, the deployment of individual devices is seamless. 

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