be the default route to a non-meraki s2s peer

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be the default route to a non-meraki s2s peer



i have a weird scenario to deal with and would like some help from meraki experts....


this is what i have, a S2S vpn connection with cisco gear on the other end, they have a vlan, say and since this is a company with some tough house rules, they let us use their wireless Access points, but that it, dhcp must come from our side, so we have one dhcp server on a win machine in the same local Mx network that is delivering ip's, all that is ok, a client connects on the AP gets dhcp requests tunelled back to us, we provide an ip and the wireless client can access our local nets and use a proxy to get out to internet...


question: is there a way we advertise a default to the cisco peer, because that is the part we are missing, for that other end of the S2S cold use us as the default gw, or is even possible with meraki !?


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That will also depend on the third-party device but typically should work.

Have you thought about placing another MX/Z3 on the other side and use AutoVPN? Announcing a Default route is an especially supported feature.



i did and even asked if we could share a trunk between our devices instead of having a S2S connections(we share the building they own(they, national post company, we 50% owned by them) and that fell quickly on the argument of "security house rule"... anyway...


from meraki point of view i cannot advertise a default, to them.... at least to my knowledge....



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

So the other side has to set it static

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