Z3C Product Upgrade

Kind of a big deal

Z3C Product Upgrade

After two months away from base, I find that the Z3C is not as useful as I expected.


Some small changes that would ensure that it regains its place in my computer bag:


  • Allow connection to an available WiFI AP signal (existing devices which do this are popular, and an alternative to the frequently encountered Huawei device are much overdue). Frequently, external LTE signals are blocked/too weak for functional use.
  • Replace the existing mobile radio with one that is 5G capable, 5G is available today in most of the major hubs around the world.
  • Tweak the software to optimise client device connection to Cloud-based services. Having moved to a Cloud environment, we have discovered that connecting to Azure/Exchange etc is not always as smooth as it could be, as one moves around.

Just connecting to the WiFi would be a huge improvement, but, please don't test it on a top quality WiFI system, it turns out that many organisations have scrofulous wireless networks with very variable standards.

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
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Kind of a big deal

I have a mobile Z3C I bring with me regularly. I have had some minor issues related to the first device, but then it was RMAd by support and haven't had an issue since. 


I know it's maybe not ideal but adding a USB LTE dongle or MG will probably give better signal as they have better antennas built in I believe.

The most irritating case I had to deal with, at a world leading institution, as far as connectivity was concerned involved the following steps.

  • Accepting that the Z3C was not going to connect to the LTE signal from where I was set up.
  • Accepting that the institution's WiFi service was more krap than anticipated, and that the IS staff "didn't give a damn".
  • Walking into the corridor and standing under the krap WiFi AP and cycling through the available SSIDs until the phone established a functional connection.
  • Returning to where my laptop was set up and then tethering the phone so the connection could be shared (mostly required several repeated attempts, returning to the WiFi AP, restarting the phone)
  • Whistling Dixie (doesn't always work)
  • Much rolling of eyeballs
  • Voila! - functioning Internet connection.

There was another alternative:

  • packing up all my kit and going and sitting in the cafeteria used by the IS staff, instant connectivity that functioned 24/7.

Such is life

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
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