Z3 and Cisco Umbrella

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Z3 and Cisco Umbrella

Is possible to integrate the Z3 model with Cisco Umbrella?

How many VPN tunnels can establish simultaneously the Z3 model?


Kind of a big deal

You‘re referring to Umbrella as Secure Internet Gateway (SIG), right? At least, Meraki docs are only referring to MX, not Z3: https://documentation.meraki.com/MX/Site-to-site_VPN/MX_and_Umbrella_SIG_IPSec_Tunnel so I don‘t think this would work out. Maybe / hopefully I stand corrected.

Kind of a big deal

You can use Umbrella with a Z3.  It supports native integration via the API.


I don't know how many VPNs it would support.  I expect the number would be small.  It is only intended to be a spoke.

@PhilipDAth wrote:

You can use Umbrella with a Z3.  It supports native integration via the API.

For the "legacy" DNS stuff: yes. SIG is not included there, so that'S why I was specifically asking about that.

This is a screenshot from one of our clients using a Z3 with the native Umbrella Integration.







They do not have the Umbrella DNS servers configured anywhere.  It is all natively integrated.

Oh I see, SIG is some kind of VPN tunnel system.  Ok - I've never seen support for that.


But with native umbrella protection, why would you need it?

SIG is (simply speaking) the "new hotness":

You don't only get DNS based security but will be able to use Umbrella as dedicated Web proxy that goes beyond the possibilities of the current "Intelligent Proxy". Apart from that, you're able to use Umbrella as L3-firewall (L7 somewhere in the future).



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