Wired splash page bypass ?

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Wired splash page bypass ?



I have a combination of wired and wireless users behind a MX using splash pages. Wired clients comes in to MX on separate VLAN.  We have a GPO called Bypass_Splash attached to a number of wireless clients which works as expected.  The Group policy setting for bypass splash seems only to affect Wireless clients so when we attach the Bypass_Splash GPO to a wired client it does nothing...


Is there any way to make specific mac addresses bypass splash for wired clients other than moving these clients to another VLAN ?  

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I believe the wired and wireless splash pages differ on the MR and MX.

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Correct, they are different splash pages, but it seems that it is only for the wireless splash page you can do a client splash bypass via a group policy...  

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Interesting... I didn't realize that the splash bypass was MR only. But yeh, that's exactly what the docs say. I'm not seeing anything that allows you to allow specific users to bypass the splash on an MX either. You may be out of luck here.

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Hi @couchbob  The splash bypass is MR only thing and wouldn't apply for the wired clients. unfortunately, you will not be able to leverage that option for wired clients. Whitelisting the clients is one way to make the wired clients bypass the splash page, but that will also bypass security checks like content filtering, layer 7 / Layer 3 firewall rules etc, It would be a trade-off at that point.


Although this feature is not available at this point in time, I highly encourage you to use the Meraki dashboard to "make a wish" and submit a feature request. You can submit a feature request at the bottom of any dashboard page.





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I wanted to bypass the splash page for a wired client on an MX as well, and came across this thread.  I don't see anything newer, so I submitted a "wish".

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