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Why MX84 is better than SOPHOS UTM SG210

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Why MX84 is better than SOPHOS UTM SG210

Hi All,


My client want to know why Meraki MX84 is better than SOPHOS UTM Firewall SG210.


Can anyone have some web article or somekind of comparision.



Sumit Bharti

Head in the Cloud

Re: Why MX84 is better than SOPHOS UTM SG210

Hi Sumit,

It is a difficult comparison. Meraki do not offer decks comparing products.

Having said that comparing hardware to hardware specification I do not have to answer this.


Meraki offers

100% Cloud Manageability

Ease of Management


Single Pane



&....Many more


If you go with these features client may again come up with

Sophos got central

Sophos got RED



Never ending debate. [There are pros and cons to every solution]


I understand Meraki is more of "Work Simple". One has to look towards Meraki as a Solution.

No doubt today every solution is moving on cloud but "Meraki is the Pioneer".


We have been deploying Meraki Solutions for a decade now.

For sure the solution brings peace of mind to customers and integrators like us.


Still....Lets wait for more inputs from community peers.

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Re: Why MX84 is better than SOPHOS UTM SG210



I am not asking to compare from the price point of view or from the point of view of management.


I just wanted to know when it comes about security, which is better Cisco Meraki MX or SOPHOS (XG/UTM) Firewall.


Is there any award or something has been awarded to Meraki MX to be a best firewall in the world.


Is there is any such document or information on the public domain, which client can go have a read and decide itself.

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Re: Why MX84 is better than SOPHOS UTM SG210

I run both of these firewalls in my company and they are very different.  As an example, Meraki can't do source natting which is why I use a Sophos in my headquarters.  Intrusion detection on Meraki is either on or off for the entire firewall.  Sophos lets you enable or disable IDS on a per interface basis.  Sophos does SSL client VPN which is why I use it for my VPN clients.  However, for all of my retail locations I use Meraki because it's so easy to manage a large amount of remote locations.


Meraki might be better for you, or it might not be.  It depends on your requirements.  Meraki really shines with lots of remote locations or simple networks, but it falls apart pretty quickly when you have complex networking needs.


Also, please note that the Sophos SG series is being replaced by the XG series.  If you are going to Sophos, I would look at the XG series.

Kind of a big deal

Re: Why MX84 is better than SOPHOS UTM SG210

I don't believe the MX84 and SG210 are sized for the same environment. You may be lookinng at MX100 or better.

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