Web Browsing || Client VPN!

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Web Browsing || Client VPN!

Hello all


I have establish client VPN setup with my MX64w. I am facing issues please help to fix them.


  1. When i connect with my company client VPN i am unable to do web browsing.
  2. There is 1 subnet which is used for management purpose. I can ping and ssh that subnet but when put a single IP from that subnet in the web browser the web page is not opening up even i have in firewall rule.

Thank you

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Do you have any firewall rules configured on the MX64w/Layer 3/2 switch which would block this traffic?

Is there any host-based firewall on the server/device you're trying to reach via http?

Are you using full or split tunnel?


I'd try and take a packet capture from the LAN interface of the MX64w when connected via the client VPN to see if your traffic is parsing onto the LAN as expected. 

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There is no other firewall rule in MX64w. I can ping and telnet or ssh of those subnets but unable to access them through web.

Are you able to ping google.com?  I am curious if the issue is DNS related.  Does google.com resolve to an IP?

Yes i can ping google.com but when i tried to browse give me an error can't reach this page. I also have device which are in vlan 100 ( subnet also unable to their web interfaces.

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I have the same problem but with ssh, my session opens and after a few seconds it is terminated.

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