WatchGuard to MX

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WatchGuard to MX

I used MX68 at my previous job, at my current job we're using WatchGuard Firebox.  When the time comes for renewal, I'm trying to convince my current company to switch from WatchGuad to MX.


Are there any improvements on using the AnyConnect VPN client?  My last job I used the native Windows 10 VPN client, and it worked for most part without issues, but I like to use AnyConnect.


Anyone here switched from WatchGuard to MX?  I like to hear your opinions.  From my experience with WatchGuard so far, it seem like it blocks everything by default, and you had to allow stuff to go through.

Kind of a big deal

Just check if all the settings you have in Watchgaurd are possible with MX (I believe so). I particularly already migrated and had no major problems, it's just a matter of "translating" the settings.


About anyconnect, I can say that it is definitely better than L2TP. Take a look at the documentation

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@alemabrahao  so you switched from WatchGuard to MX?  Can I ask why?

So it looks like we can now use AnyConnect on MX.


It wasn't for anything technically specific, we needed to renew the licenses and install equipment with greater capacity so we opted to replace it with an MX instead of installing a new Watchguard.

@alemabrahao ok, and you're using AnyConnect for VPN client?

Yep, one of the most significant advantages in my opinion is being able to filter the networks to which the client will have access and define a group policy.








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Ok I guess MX being able to use AnyConnect for VPN might be something recent.  

  • Supported MX models: MX600, 450, 400, 250, 105, 100, 95, 85, 84, 75, 68(W,CW), 67(C,W), 65(W)*, 64(W)*, Z3(C), vMX

*MX65(W) and MX64(W) only supports AnyConnect when running on firmware 17.6+

Not supported: MX90, 80, 60, Z1 (The AnyConnect Settings page will not be visible on Dashboard for these models)

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