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Warm Spare

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Warm Spare

Dear Sir,

After creating warm spare between two Meraki MX64, the SPARE is unreachable. Both the Meraki are connected to a switch by their lan1.


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Re: Warm Spare

What exactly do you mean by „unreachable“? For the dashboard? For you to ping? 

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Re: Warm Spare



"SPARE is unreachable" means the secondary device is not reaching the  Meraki Cloud with the "Physical IP".


Could you please re-check the IP Addresses configured on the Secondary MX and internet access is allowed for the same?


How about this?

Delete the primary device from the network and check if your spare is coming live?

Kind of a big deal

Re: Warm Spare

They both need to connect to the Internet via a WAN port.  They should have different IP addresses on their WAN interfaces.


Is this the case?

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