Warm Spare Geo-Redundancy

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Warm Spare Geo-Redundancy

Despite the overall simplicity of the MX (and all Meraki) products, we've been very successful in a geo-redundancy deployment. One of the school districts we support has redundant data centers. Each site peers with a different ISP and has a dedicated router running BGP. Each site also has an MX600. We use Aruba 5400R switches at each site which have a direct 10Gb fiber link between them to create L2 adjacency for the routers and the MXen. Warm Spare (VRRP) has run quite well with this.


The best part is allowing us to perform maintenance at either site without any interruption to Internet access across the district. This is a deployment that's probably on the more complex end of the spectrum for MX Warm Spare setups, but it works well for us and happily moves upwards of 2Gbps of traffic. 

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Sounds like a solid setup @MRCUR!  Those Aruba's are pretty sweet switches and MX600 is quite the beast!

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@MRCURI am running HA in one of our data centers. MX100's that are cabled toghether directly for HA. 


Have you monitored the logs for unwanted VRRP transitions?


I have noticed that my HA pair fails over and then fails back every saturday night. I dont have FW upgrades scheduled, not making any changes, it just happens. It's usually very late on a saturday night and so far i haven't had any end user complaints, but it seems like very odd behavior. 

Kind of a big deal

@bholmes12 I have not seen any unwanted transitions with VRRP. It's surprising to hear you're seeing that with the recommended setup of directly cabling the MXen together. Is there a surge of traffic at that time on one of the VLAN's the MXen can see? Might be worth creating a new thread here to see if anyone else has some ideas. 

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Huge fan of this setup!


We have two MX600s in our data center and a third in our DR site. @MerakiJockey505 They are quite a beast indeed!

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Thank you for this article.


I need to to do the same : geo-redundacy with 2 different ISP and VRRP synchronisation over WAN. is there any documentation or tutorial of how to do it please ? 


In this case do you need  a virtal WAN IP ?



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