WE Need IPV6 Support in MX

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WE Need IPV6 Support in MX

Subject says it all...  We need proper IPV6 support in the MX Platform...    Even IPV6 tunnelling doesn't work at this point.


Anyone else have soem comments?


Hi all, thank you for your continued patience on this topic. We’d like to provide an update and bring further transparency on the IPv6 status for Cisco Meraki products.  Firstly, we want to acknowledge the clear gap in supporting IPv6 across the Meraki portfolio and sincerely understand the frustration that’s been expressed. 


Each Cisco Meraki product has a different set of IPv6 requirements and technical complexities. IPv6 is not a single feature but rather a suite of features and capabilities that need to be enabled as a journey; which, unfortunately, is not a quick undertaking especially since we need to solve for effective management of IPv6 functionality in addition to enabling IPv6 data plane capabilities. 


On our IPv6 journey, we have identified the key functions to be delivered across the Cisco Meraki portfolio. Our primary objective is to deliver IPv6 in a phased manner that is as simple and streamlined as possible to adopt for our existing and future customers.  IPv6 is one of our strategic cross-product initiatives and this is backed by engineering resources we have aligned to it.


We know you have asked for details, and we don’t yet have publicly-sharable specifics, but please rest assured that we have a comprehensive plan for IPv6 support that we are aggressively driving and are committed to providing continued updates on our progress.  As such, please expect the next update by the end of September 2019 on our IPv6 @ Meraki thread.


Thank you for your continued partnership,


The Cisco Meraki team



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