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WAN bandwidth List

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WAN bandwidth List

Like to know the recommended MAX. Internet BW that can be  connected to WAN port for Various Meraki devices.


Ex. We want to connect 250Mbps Internet line with Meraki MX device. Which device should I use. (Is the Firewall throughput mentioned in specification same as WAN BW recommended. )


Kind of a big deal ww
Kind of a big deal

Re: WAN bandwidth List

Review the product spec sheet provided by meraki: meraki_datasheet_mx.pdf


It appears for you to be able to handle 250Mbps throughput with advanced security enabled you would need to look at minimum of an MX84. If this device will be a long term solution you may consider an MX100 for future growth/expansion, or if you are going to be load balancing to handle the increase in total bandwidth.

Kind of a big deal

Re: WAN bandwidth List

Just to add to the answers already given; I tend to use the MX sizing guide.

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