VRRP transition--MX 450 issue

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VRRP transition--MX 450 issue



I have two meraki MX-450 and it is working in HA and in concentratot mode.


At the same time Pair of MXs are working in VRRP and using virtual uplink IP's (Shared IP) to send traffic to Internet.


We are using NAT for MX subnet IP and have full internet access.


Connectiivty Details:

SW-10.155.0.x/20--Te1/0/16--> MX-450 Primary IP:10.155.0.a/20

SW-10.155.0.y/20--Te1/8--> MX-450 spare IP:10.155.0.b/20


SW-10.155.0.x/20 and SW-10.155.0.y/20 have trunk/TAG connectivity(SW-10.155.0.x/20-->Te1/0/19--Te3/2->SW-10.155.0.y/20.


We have checked there is no ping drop between between MX's IP's. and Firmware is also upto date.


Now the issue is we are getting masive logs of VRRP transaction(Backup and master) on event logs as well as VRRP MAC flap on Network SWITCH betwen Ports ((SW-10.155.0.x/20 on Port Te1/0/19 and Te1/0/16).I have attached Topoloy for better understanding.I apprciate your feedback to mitigate this issue.





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Hi, per your explanation I assume your HS peer is properly configured.


VRRP for HA pair  could be flapping in case its hello packets (mcast towards between both MXs are dropped by the switches. Please check this is not the case. 


Regarding your topology warm spare MX would not have access to internet in case sw1 fails. I guess there must be some cable missing between your SW2 and internet edge routers.







Getting noticed



Thanks for your input. Yes Warm spare would not have internet if SW1 fails but this is not the case.


From SW1 I am able to ping multicat IP but from SW is not pinging. so it seems Multicat is not working or blocking on switch. Please suggest once


Getting noticed

Sorry I am able to reach from both the Switches

Hi, Meraki HA VRRP does not run over internet links. You must be sure you have connectivity thru any vlan (lan side) between both MX, as vrrp heartbeat runs over lan interfaces. Please take a look at heartbeat section:


MX Warm Spare - High-Availability Pair - Cisco Meraki


Is it possible that this lan-side connectivity could be unstable? Provided this is not the case, I can give you any other possible explanation for your flaps. 





Thanks for focusing on this issue. The Second SW2 is acting as core SW and Multicat is enabled .

Also there is no any connectivity issue as this is L3 switch and more than 2000 users are behind this and connected with multiple L2 and L3 switches. So i am not suspecting this SW2 is culprit. At the same time i have also contacted TAC but as per them my topololy is wrong but what is wrong to run VRRP as per toplology, i am not getting. 

SW1 and SW2 running HSRP and SW1 is Active for MX SVI. Any other things that i can check to reslove this.

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