VPN with Edge browser issue

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VPN with Edge browser issue



this is not specifically a Meraki question, but hopefully someone is familiar:


we are seeing issues with Windows 10 clients connecting via VPN and attempting to browse the internet via Edge browser.  We have some clients configured for split tunneling and some not.  


for the clients not using split tunneling, they are able to use Internet Explorer to access nearly anything, but Edge doesn't work for a wide variety of sites. Some sites are internal web-based applications, some are just simply websites such as google.  But, for every site that doesn't work in Edge, it always works in IE on the same client.


Anyone else familiar with this?  I've read the following information but it doesn't provide any details or workarounds:





Zane D - IT Manager in Sin City NV
Kind of a big deal

This is usually caused by CDNs.


An ISP may choose to have a particular CDN in their network, and make it only available to their customers (they don't want to pay for customers of other providers to use their resources).  The CDN used is often dictated by the DNS servers being used.


So if you use a split VPN, and use the DNS at your HQ, and are connected to a different ISP than HQ, the HQ DNS will give out their ISPs CDN, which you can not access from your ISP.

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Hey @ZDonaldson,


It might also be interesting to check if the console of the browser chucks out any error message when you try and visit the page. Might also be worth comparing it with the browser which is working. 


A Wireshark trace might be interesting as well, it might show what the response is and how it differs from the normal response.




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