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VPN to Zscaler

Hi everyone,


does anybody have a VPN tunnel to Zscaler via a Meraki MX? 

We got some issues that if we have many sub-networks (local networks on the MX) configured, Zscaler support is complaining that we have too many policies configured (VPN SA). But we use IKEv2 so that shouldn't be a problem at all, that what also the Meraki support tells us.  Now I reduced the local networks to 4, but they are still not happy with our configuration.

Has anyone faced the same problem with them? Do you have a good solution for this case?



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Fabian1 : I will see any solution but I would recommend you to take it with the support to get it done 


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Hi Fabian,


were you able to establish the zscaler ipsec tunnel using ikev2 settings ?

If so could you share the setitings ?





Hi Markus,


we used the standard Meraki ikev2 settings for Zscaler. I just hat to add the public IP of the MX to Local ID. You can also User FQDN if the IP is not static.



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hi @Fabian1 


how is failover working between zscaler frankfurt and munich.


at branch sites i have internet and mpls. i am planning to advertise proxy 1 ip via primary link (i.e private subnet of non meraki vpn peer), proxy 2 ip via secondary/backup zscaler link initiated via local internet link. while proxy 3 will be advertised via autovpn (proxy 3 will be advertised via zscaler in dc). all 3 proxy ip addresses will be configured in the pac file. any thoughts on this?

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