VPN Shared Network Drives Prompt for Password

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VPN Shared Network Drives Prompt for Password

Hello Everyone,


Let me describe the situation first. Currently we are running an independent DHCP server (from SBS2011) and though  we have created a VLAN1 for the whole network in the MX64.


We also use MX64 VPN with a different subnet.


While we are in the network accessing the shared drives it won't ask for the username and password.


ISSUE: However, every time I connect to a new network (4G, Home WIFI) and try accessing the shared drive it will ask for the username and password.


I have allowed the VPN subnet to access the VLAN1 subnet.


Is there any changes that I need to make to solve this issue.

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Hi Tehsin,


Don't fully understand your question, need a few more details.


What is prompting for username and Password? is it the VPN client when connecting via 4g or home wifi or any network not local to the shared drives.


How are you authenticating teh VPN clients - Meraki local, AD or something else.


Are the devices part of an AD Domain?




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This may happen if the VPN username/password is different from the username/password used for accessing the share.

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Its been a while since I touched SBS, but I seem to remember that by default it implements a number of Windows firewall rules on the server that permit certain access from the local subnet that the server is located it, and deny access from all others. Its entirely possible that its one of these that is allowing a seamless logon when you're on the local subnet, but preventing that mechanism when you're not.

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Hi, Tehsin, 
Were you able to identify the root cause of this issue I am having the same issue except I am using the local DHCP server service on the Meraki it self.


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