Access from the LAN (MX64) to WiFi (MR42) network

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Access from the LAN (MX64) to WiFi (MR42) network


We have a remote branch with MX64 as a router and 2xMR42 as WiFi APs.

Both MR42 and a Ricoh MFP are connected to the MX64.

LAN (where is the Ricoh MFP located) has and WiFi has network addresses.

All other Meraki settings are default.

Users can print to this MFP without problem, but cannot scan to network folders on their laptops.

We have tried various settings on both Windows 10 and on the MFP itself.

Judging by the trace of network connections, the printer simply cannot communicate with the laptop.

Unfortunately this is a remote branch and we cannot connect another laptop instead of a Ricoh MFP for testing and MFP can't perform ping from its side.

But pings from a MX64 and MR42 go perfectly in both directions (to a laptop and a MFP).

How can we try to solve this problem?

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Kind of a big deal

What do you have under wireless > configure > access control > addressing and traffic for the SSID your MFP is using?



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Network access: Pre-shared key (PSK), Splash page: none

Addressing and traffic: NAT mode: Use Meraki DHCP

In Firewall & traffic shaping for this SSID:



Kind of a big deal

I don't think you can make it work with that setting because it uses NAT like another router basically.  If you change your guest network to use a VLAN and tagging and bridged to your LAN you could then use bonjour forwarding to accomplish what you need something like-


Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 9.58.59 AM.png



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@BrandonS is right - you can't use NAT mode.  You'll need to use bridge mode.


Also note that the Windows 10 firewall is likely to block the inbound traffic by default.

Also note if you are running any anti-virus it may also have an IPS engine or firewall that could be contributing to the problem.

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