VMX100 Hosted Security Outside AWS

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VMX100 Hosted Security Outside AWS

We're looking into providing hosted security to our customers. Our whole networking setup switches, firewall, etc. is going to be Meraki.

I'm including our website to give an idea on the services we will be offering: www.kleintech-computer-services.com

Anyway because we're a small organization I'm the sole tech support. I like Meraki for the dashboard and one touch provisioning.

Anyway the put is I would love to be using an VMX and Advanced Services License for our hosted security.

Now I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that you can use the Advanced Security License you already have to run on the VMX 100 or would you have to purchase a regular MX100 AS license and use it with the VMX?

Also since we provide our own cloud services can the VMX function outside of AWS? Like say in a VMware Environment?
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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The MX100 and VMX100 [Enterprise] licences are the same price - but not the same licence.  You can't buy a licence for one and use it with the other.  Also the VMX only has an enterprise licence.  You can use it with networks that have advanced security licences.


I believe the vMX100 licence code (for 5 years) is LIC-MX100-ENT-5YR

But can you use it outside of AWS
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The vMX100 can only be used in Amazon AWS.


Hi guys,


Azure announced now too!



Would be nice to see it on VMWare next





Agree! We are a MSP and we would like to have the option to run the VMX100 on our VMware platform.


Hope Cisco can give us an answer if this is on the roadmap!

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Please be mindful that as the Amazon Machine Image states:


The vMX100 is designed to be used as a SD-WAN and AutoVPN node to easily connect your network to AWS services.  Using the power of the cloud, Cisco Meraki's virtual MX can configure, monitor and maintain your VPN so you don't have to.


A link to the VMX installation guide can be found here:




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