VLAN or STATIC Route to take all Traffic on specific SSID and Route to Server on LAN


VLAN or STATIC Route to take all Traffic on specific SSID and Route to Server on LAN

Hi All!


My Name is Sean, not new to provisioning, but newer to Meraki.


I am trying to do the following:


  • Set up an SSID
  • Static rout traffic from that SSID on (MR35) to IP of Server on LAN


I cant seem to figure out how to Route that specific traffic to the IP address on my LAN. I have treid:


  • Setting up a VLAN to segment traffic from default route VLAN.
    • I cant figure out how to correctly set this up to do that.
  • I assigned a static route to the IP Address of the NAS on my LAN, but traffic would not route.

My Gear:

  1. MX64
  2. MS120
  3. MR36
  4. Linux Based Network Server

Any suggestions would be great.


Thank you, 



Kind of a big deal

Here’s a suggestion, not sure if it will work, but it might be heading in the right direction.


  1. Assign the SSID to a VLAN
  2. Have a Layer 3 interface for the VLAN on the MX64
  3. Configure a source-based default route to your server

Note: you need MX15.4 or later, your server needs to exist in a subnet that is configured on the MX (or connected to another MX, which is connected via AutoVPN), and it won’t work if there is a specific route for the traffic on the MX, it’s only for default routed traffic (I.e. no known route).


Have a look at this document, https://documentation.meraki.com/MX/Networks_and_Routing/Source_Based_Default_Routing


Give it a try and see how you go.


Hi Bruce,


Awesome, ok, I will try that and read the doc link you posted. I will report back what I found.


Thank you for the response.

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