Upgrading From MX 100 to MX 250

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Upgrading From MX 100 to MX 250

My internet coming in is coax to RJ-45 to my MX 100. We just bought the MX 250. The MX 250 shows 2 SFP WAN Ports. Can I configure 1 of the RJ-45 as my WAN Port as we do not have fiber internet for the SFP Port. Please help!!




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No you need to use the labelled ports. You will need an SFP module but be careful with the speed of the SFP module and coax modem ethernet port.



Thanks for the reply. What speed does my SFP need to be. My Spectrum Ethernet port is probably 1gbps. I did not know they made a SFP that took a RJ-45 connector.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Owen advised, you will need to use the SFP ports for your WAN connection.

You essentially required a 1000 Base-T SFP.


The Meraki brand SFP is MA-SFP-1GB-TX.

You can find the full SFP datasheet here


The linked SFP should work (Meraki devices accept 3rd pary SFP's) but there's no guarantee on compatibility or reliability.


I had these spares from another project, and they are currently working fine in MX250's running 15.44



Obviously not "Supported" Meraki option, but real Meraki ones all seem to be backordered currently.


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