Update Failure across multiple sites

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Update Failure across multiple sites

Hello fellow Meraki users,


Since 13.28 for the MX I've seen at least 5 sites update fail. When I push through an update on any of these sites the MX fails. I then have to travel onsite and do a factory default on the Security Appliance. I then have to attempt to do the update several times before it finally takes. 


The only common denominator with all these sites is they are on optimum/cable vision internet service. Our other clients with similar equipment do not have this issue. I've opened up several cases on this but because after a few tries the update does go through and the MX works fine afterward. 


The issue is now I don't push updates unless I'm onsite and I am willing to be down for at least an hour. 


Any ideas on why these updates are failing? Is there anyway to get to internal logs to find out why an update failed?


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Found the same entry in the following change logs:

13.34 changelog
14.29 changelog


  • Resolved an issue that resulted in MX64(W), MX65(W), and MX84s units not waiting the expected 2 hours before attempting to re-upgrade in the event that a previous upgrade had not successfully completed.

By any chance do you want longer than 2 hours after it first fails to see if it auto-recovers on its own? My understanding is that if a firmware upgrade fails, it should fail-back to the previous version and then keep working, and try again later.

Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com
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That would have been great but no it brought down the entire network each time and the network stayed down. Wouldn't return back to normal until I did a factory restore. I really don't have 2 hours to spare to see if the try again feature works.

Kind of a big deal

It really sounds like you need to support to solve this one.  They will be able to see the backend at the same time to see what is happening.

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