Unable to find unlicensed devices in meraki dashboard

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Unable to find unlicensed devices in meraki dashboard

Hi All,

Recently we have added few merkai z3 device in our meraki cloud/dashboard. We owned 68 licences, but there are 69 devices added which is creating a "License Problem".

Can any one help me, how to find the unlicenced devices ( z3 Device which is  running without licence) in Meraki?

Quick response is much appriciated.

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Kind of a big deal

Reached out to the sales rep or support already?


Strange that there is one more device than ordered... Don´t know how to find it withour their help.

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Check your organization -> inventory and see a list of claims done. You have received one extra Z3 on your SO and just haven´t noted this when claiming with Meraki SO?

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Licenses are not tied to specific devices so there's no real answer to your question.


I would compare the "Claimed On" column in your inventory with the "Claimed At" column in the license page to see when an MX was added without a license being added at the same time.


What could also have happened is that your system integrator has foreseen a spare device to be able to provide better SLA's and that they shipped that to you as well. In that case there would be a device but no license for it.

 @BrechtSchamp nailed it here. Just to add a little more clarity, the licenses are tied up to the organization and not to the devices. So, as long as the number of devices equals the number of licenses, you are all good. However, when the device quantity exceeds the license quantity, you either need to purchase more licenses to match the device quantity or remove the extra devices from the organization (Doesn't matter which device as long as the model matches).

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I understand dashboard will not show you the specific Unlicensed device.

As the Licenses are based on Device QTY + License QTY.

If Device QTY is more .

One Idea shall be to "Remove the device" from the network (which you are not going to use) and let it reside into Organization Inventory.

Any given time you may purchase additional license and add the "unused" device into the desired network.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Considering the low cost; it is probably easiest to just buy one more Z3 licence.

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If you have a spare device what is unused, be sure it isn't in any network..


devices can be in you inventory without taking a license 😉

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