Tracking clients by IP on MX84

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Tracking clients by IP on MX84

I have a MX84 Security Appliance that connects to a Meraki switch stack.


The MX isn't handing out any DHCP addresses, and there is a transit layer-3 network between the switch stack (also operating in layer 3) and the MX. The MX has routes to other networks through the switch stack


So I thought that enabling client tracking by IP address was the option to choose, but when I do that, I get an error saying it is unsupported "in a combined network and will break client tracking data"


What does that mean exactly? 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal
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"Track by IP" is not currently supported in combined networks. You need to "Split" the combined network under Organization->Overview.


You may also refer to following urls for more information



It looks like combined network uses unified reporting for the whole environment


so there is no need to set the MX to track by IP

Hi AjitKumar,

What happens when you have a combine network where we use the Meraki MX and AP devices but we have non meraki switches and we split the network to enable client tracking IP address? Does the whole network go down or else? 

I haven't tried that, but I would imagine that if you have Meraki access-points and a MX, the reporting would still work. You just wouldn't get any info about the switches
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