Thousand Eyes Coming to the MX

Building a reputation

Thousand Eyes Coming to the MX

This was just announced at Cisco Live. The details aren't fully online yet but it should be in public beta for SD-WAN Plus customers very soon.


Announcement Blog 


I've pulled together some of the Cisco Live Presentations:


The Journey to Hosting Containers on Meraki with ThousandEyes - BRKAPP-2727  - Really Cool Info on internals
Making Meraki SD-WAN "ThousandEyes" Aware - PSOAPP-1618 

Learn How Meraki and ThousandEyes Together Are Solving Your Application Performance Issues With Simp... (The actual preso is not posted yet but URL should work by Thursday morning)

I've seen some demos and it's pretty cool.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Awesome, thanks for sharing.
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Pretty cool. But there are a lot of limitations due to the way the MX is built.


Building a reputation

Public Beta has been started.

> 2023-07-20

> Public Beta: ThousandEyes on Meraki MX


BETA: Meraki MX ThousandEyes Configuration Guide - Cisco Meraki



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