Surfshark Is Not Working!

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Surfshark Is Not Working!

Hello friends, I am using Surfshark for a few days. But recently I am noticing it's not working properly. When I open any website like a spam website, it simply opens. I am not getting any restrictions during opening the websites. Why this is happening, I have no idea. Then I did a little research and found this post that suggested some ideas. I am a little confused about getting the last solution that suggested disabling Ivp6 protocol. Can anyone suggest if this method might be helpful in anyway? Can someone help here?

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Sounds like it's working as expected to me, if you're full tunnelling to Surfshark VPN, you'll be able to bypass any restrictions set on your upstream MX. This is due to all your traffic being encrypted between the client and Surfshark which the MX cannot inspect.


Re: IPv6, as per Surfshark's own KB, they don't support.

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