Security Center question MX64 with Adv Sec.- not sure where to post.

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Security Center question MX64 with Adv Sec.- not sure where to post.

My firewall keeps on getting trigged by Australia Perth Akamai Technologies Inc on brand new machine that I've just set up for a client. I installed Norton on that machine as per client request.

Does anyone know if this is a real attack? 


Here's the threat:


INDICATOR-COMPROMISEContent-Type text/plain containing Portable Executable data


Thank you.



Kind of a big deal

if It is a real attack at least you know the MX is doing its job in blocking and letting you know!



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Let's take a look what this message is:


"This event is generated when a Content-Type header reports plaintext, but there is Portable Executable data detected."


It's rather unusual for a file pretending to be plaintext but to be executable at the same time. There's a relatively high probability that this was a real attack, but to be sure, one would have to investigate further.


You can get further information at

Totally agree!

Will have to have a dig and look for the files listed on that site. I was wondering if anyone else came across this one..

What is great about the can always learn!  Thank you for the post, great knowing how to get more details on the alert from

Yes, MX is doing great! Just not about the attack given it comes from static IP of Security/Cloud company Acamai
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