SD-Internet on 16.x?

Getting noticed

SD-Internet on 16.x?

16.3 Changelog indicates:

  • Added firmware support for SD-Internet functionality

Does anyone know what this is?

I'm guessing SD-WAN like preferences for certain types of internet traffic?

Kind of a big deal

Meraki has been talking for a while about ‘smart’ services to complement SD-WAN. Things like monitoring of SaaS performance and exiting via the best MX, whether that be the local MX or another with a better connection somewhere else on the network. Then recently there was the Thousand Eyes purchase by Cisco. You get the idea of where they’re likely going.


It wouldn’t surprise me, although I don’t know for sure, if it’s related to this. I also wouldn’t be surprised if whatever it turns out to be is only available in the SD-WAN Plus license, since you’re going to need some kinds of performance monitoring, and that’s what Meraki Insight does.


Nothing solid, but that’s my gut feeling.

Head in the Cloud



According to the Meraki September Download, you are exactly right. 


SD-internet sends traffic to cloud services over the best WAN connection.  And it does require SD-WAN license.


Here is a quote from the product description:


"With SD-Internet Steer customer traffic
to SaaS or public cloud-based applications
over the best-performing WAN
connection at
the time the traffic is forwarded"



Dave Anderson
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