Reverse proxy behind MX appliance

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Reverse proxy behind MX appliance

Hello all,

Have anyone ever used a reverse proxy behind a Meraki MX (mx in routed mode).

I have to make an inside server available from the internet by using a reverse proxy and not sure how to make it work, the architecture would look like this i guess:



Do you know where i can find some information on the different steps of configuring the mx to make it work please regarding port forwarding, nat, rules etc...?





Kind of a big deal

@idknow : Check this below link



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Thank you for the documentation, it really helps 🙏


Kind of a big deal

If it is just a proxy server (no security software running on it) - then don't bother using it.  Instead of setting up the NAT/PAT on the MX to the reverse proxy, point it directly at the server you want to give access to.

Yes, but unfortunately the customer is asking for a reverse proxy in a DMZ like in the picture i've shown above, and then the traffic would be forwarded to the backend web server

He already asked for a dns public registry of an URL

so i guess the idea is to map this url to the public IP address of the provider router and then port-forwarding the traffic on the MX towards the reverse proxy, am i missing something because that seems simple , what do you think ?





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