Reports on WAN Links

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Reports on WAN Links

I have 470+ offices that I monitor from my Dashboard and get alerts on every time the WAN is up/down.

Is there a report that can show me Top Talkers for the month but only around the WAN links?

I would like to have historical data to see if we have any trends going on month over month.

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Kind of a big deal

Have you seen the “Anomalies” section of the organization > summary report?  Maybe not ideal, but seems like what you are after.

That sounds like a good starting point but I do not have that listed anywhere in my view of the dashboard. Is this something that needs to be enabled for my login?

Kind of a big deal

Here is what one of mine looks like.  It is under Organization > summary report and I suppose it is possible you don't have access.  


Screenshot 2019-11-05 09.57.31.png


Then view > details shows:


Screenshot 2019-11-05 10.00.08.png


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