Replacement of MX 100 Concentrator Hub with MX 450

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Replacement of MX 100 Concentrator Hub with MX 450

Hi Guys,


We are planning to replace our current concentrator hub MX 100 with an MX 450 and looking for an option that will not require any re-configuration of the spoke sites (about 234). 


Kindly share your experience if you have done a similar task in the past and what to watch out for. 


Many thanks



Kind of a big deal

Are you referring to Meraki spokes are are you using 3rd party VPNs?

I am referring to Meraki spokes.



Kind of a big deal

hi @adten , have a read through this.


Method 1 should work for you.  We've followed this a number of times.

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I've done some Python scripting to move all a list of networks to another organization (due to a mistake made by Meraki Support).

So, I had also to configure the site-2-vpn, also. 

Via the API I had to specify the HUB Network Id for the spokes, no the ID of the devices them-self. Therefore, I want to assume that as long as you will not create a new network for MX450, but will just remove the MX100 and claim MX450 - everything should stay as it is. 



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Hey adten!

Method 1 in the documentation UCcert linked is gonna be your best bet. Meraki spoke configurations point to a particular hub network on the dashboard, and ultimately don't care which model MX is within that network. As long as you add the new MX450 to the same network that the old MX100 was in, all of the spokes will re-negotiate their tunnels to the Public IP and Port of the new MX450. Overall the only change that is made is which hardware serial is claimed to your Hub network and turning VPN back "on" for that network, the spoke configurations will be left alone. 


Let me know if you have any other questions!




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