Remove Demo Meraki and Add New Meraki

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Remove Demo Meraki and Add New Meraki

Hello Meraki Team,


We had a Demo Meraki MX84 in our network .We purchased a new Meraki MX84.

Now we planned to remove the existing Demo meraki MX 84 and Add New MX 84.

All Configurations are completed in DEMO.

How can i add new box and full configuration??

Please provide me steps??

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Yeahh thank you..
I am looking forward option 1 (Quick Swap).
Apart from this doc.Anything more to do to push Configuration from Old Meraki to New Meraki

Thanks for the details..

Apart from this document.Anything more needed to push configuration from old Meraki to new Meraki

thanks for the details.


Apart from the document,Do i need to add any more configuration to push old configuration to new configuration.

Configuration automaticaly updated??

Yes, configuration will be automatically synced as soon as your device is able to contact Meraki cloud.

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