Receiving when connected to the Client VPN. FQDN's with .cpa do not work.

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Receiving when connected to the Client VPN. FQDN's with .cpa do not work.

So this started happening out of the blue today (we think). Everything internal works fine. But if we connect to our VPN and try to hit any resource via it fails. IPs work fine.


If we use nslookup we get a when using the FQDN of the resource, which from what I've found occurs when ICANN decides to get ready to roll out a new gTDL. I was aware that AICPA was awared the .cpa tdl but I can figure out for the life of me why this just started happening when we connect to our VPN. I've also noticed if I search the domain through say MXtoolbox I'm seeing a which again points back to ICANN and its tdl program.


I did find references to this occurring to a lot of school labs that used the .cisco tdl back when that became a thing and it caused some havoc.


Any insights would be grand, thank you.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What DNS servers have you got configured on your MX to be given out to client VPN users?

I work with Dartanian14  we have the proper Primary and secondary internal DNS IP's as the custom nameservers. 


It is the strangest thing ever. Meraki is denying it is anything with the VPN. 

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