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Excelent iniciative, i liked.


Enjoying the space, i would like know if the cenary below to used SD-WAN with redundancy in the branch is correct ? Or i need a switch interconnect in meraki .


William Hosokawa - CMNA
Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi hosokawaw,


Generally its not recommended that the "heartbeat" cable between a warm spare pair of MX devices be a direct link. Recommendations can be found in the link below, a switch which has connections to both MX LAN segments is preferred.

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Hi Twoz,


Thank you for information.


You already use this cenary below, if dont use switch and consider a router work with BVI



William Hosokawa - CMNA

If someone think in this solution, configure BVI on router, discard because i realize some tests today and work.
meraki dont understand how LAN in your interfaces.

William Hosokawa - CMNA
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